Dirección: Mercedes 3951 3"B". CABA. Argentina.
Serve as the hub of the subscribers networks, connecting all IP capable devices.
Nuclea los servicios del suscriptor y los distribuye por IP de alta velocidad.
Compatible with all major carriers and most levels of service - DOCSIS 2.0 certified
Solución rentable para ofrecer servicios de datos bidireccionales de alta velocidad.
Combina cable modem, router y un punto de acceso inalámbrico en un sólo dispositivo.
Fast Internet connection, secure network, and the convenience and flexibility of wireless Internet access.
Makes gaming, shopping, downloading, working, more realistic, faster and efficient than ever before.
Let your consumers navigate the web at extremely fast speeds, while downloading at remarkable speeds.
Integrated Broadcom Propane TM. technology enables connection of more Internet users.